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Name: UltraWelcome
Version: v2.0
Author: Sharkz, djbomber36

First of all, thank you very much for downloading my plugin. You are awesome!

This documentatio is to help you regarding each step of customization. Plese go through the documentation carefully to understand how to use UltraWelcome properly.

What is UltraWelcome?

UltraWelcome born as a plugin allowing to welcome new players and receive rewards when reaching milestones, but now we expanded it with a lot of features. It is fully customizable to perfectly fit your server needs and continously updated with new ideas and bug fixes based on your feedback.


The plugin is installed like any other plugin.

  • For Spigot, just drop the plugin jar file in the plugins folder.
  • For Bungeecord, place the jar in the plugins folder and for every spigot server you want UltraWelcome to work on, drop the jar in the plugins folder and in the config (start and stop the server to generate it) set the "bungeecord" option to true.

Then you need to configure the plugin. It's a little bit complicate to understand and that's why there's this wiki.